Business Card for Discover

Following up with the previous logo design, I designed this business card for all of the members of Discover travel agency. The color is used to show profession of service, while representing the trustworthy quality of this company. Advertisements

Discover Travel Service

Imaginary Logo Design 7 This logo is created for a travel agency down in East Pasadena. The navigation is my inspiration, because like the service provided, the logo tells a story of the company, that it guide its customers through wonderful experience. It is also […]

Unstoppable Wheel Website

According to Bike San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia does not have a Bicycle Master Plan to implement any bike infrastructure. We are advocating for City Council to develop a Bicycle Master Plan in order for cyclists to have the necessary safety for their rides. In San […]

Unstoppable Wheel T-Shirt Design

This t-shirt is designed to emphasize our goal in the community. And the t-shirt is wore in every fundraising events. We plan to bike 100 miles for our cause. Our trip is scheduled on November 14th and as of now, we are training for this long […]

Unstoppable Wheel Business Logo

This logo stresses the mission of the organization. Our organization is centered on advocating for an increase in bicycle infrastructure in San Marino and Arcadia. In doing so, our organization hopes to increase ridership amongst the youth in San Marino and Arcadia.

Ampire Branding

After viewing the logo designed I created, Ampire decided to hire me for their banding under their marketing department. This is a sample I created including business cards, envelope templates and letterhead to fully showcase their agent identity.

Ampire Logo

This logo is created for the real estate agent in Pasadena. Ampire is known on the front lines of the real estate market for performing brilliantly on tasks as showing homes to perspective buyers and negotiating transaction behalf of their client. All the employees work on a 100% commission […]

Coco Coffee Logo

I designed this logo for an starting off loco coffee shop. It is a great place for coffee tasting and afternoon tea. Series of browns are used to mimic the color of the coffee. The font is inspired by circular shape of the coffee beans […]

Celebration Poster

This poster is designed for the summer program ending exhibition. I was able to accomplish this with professional editing skill in photoshop, illustrator and indesign. I was working at the studio during evening studio hour one day and got inspired by the look of natural […]

Artist Logo

This logo is done to represent myself, containing the smooth character of the circle inside me and the sharp representation of the edges on the outside. Transparent and layers of water color stokes are added to enhance my passion in art and the beauty of color […]