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Street View

  This piece is a quick dash of acrylic expression painting I did during summer, when I was staring out side the window in east coast. I wanted to capture the beginning of sunset, and the shift of sunlight on the tree and the building.

Street View of Bookstore

This is another quick street view I have done looking outside the window. After visiting the Barnes foundation located in Philadelphia, I was inspired by the continuity and the flow of works, so I decided to create series of quick street view painting and self taught myself […]

Self Portrait With Crazy Colors

This self portrait is done with acrylic and papers and ink.This is my first exploration of mix media. I tear pages of dictionary and attach them on 18*24 canvas with gel. The words such as: creative, adventurous, loyal and sympathetic that represent me, stand out […]

Still Life

This piece is a pencil still life I did during the Upenn Art Summer Program. I was able to be skilled at using view finders and find an interesting composition for my sketch.


This piece is completed with micro pen and markers. I was inspired by the props used in the Chinese Shadow Puppet Play, and created this piece to illustrate the my cultural root in Chinese tradition through similar style of connected lines, contrast of black and white, day […]


This acrylic piece is inspired by the color of flower. New technique is involved, paving a layer of cold blue, cooling down the warm table clothe on top.