My name is Ashling Sui. Welcome to my site!

As the founder of AJ and a passionate artist for over 9 years, I have been advancing in the field of art since the age of 7. An artistic seed was planted inside me and grew as time progressed. I recognized the smell of mixed paint, old sketchbook paper, and oil paints even in my dreams.

I have always dreamt about sharing my pieces beyond my studio doors. At fourteen, I was dedicated to making a difference in the world through my work.

I’ve attended many summer art programs, including the USC 3D Design and Prototyping Program, Art Center Illustration Class, and Upenn Art Program. I’ve learned many invaluable skills, and most recently I stepped into the world of computer graphics. Returning to school to practice my skills, I offered to design posters, websites and T-shirts for clubs and school teams. At age 15, my art spread round the campus.

At age 16, I was introduced to the work of Yoko Ono. I was fascinated and strived to be as bold, as loud, as sympathetic as her. I started my online marketing agency, AJ, which was meant to establish the value of product, service, and brand for customers. I composed surveys, analyzed statistics, researched markets, and designed simple advertisements for small businesses that were not able to communicate with their customers in the way they wanted.

This is my story, and creative portfolio. I hope you choose AJ to speak about yours through my designs and skills.


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